Ethics the heart of coaching

Ethics in coaching is like the elephant in the room. Ubiquitous, essential to our practice, at times complex but fundamental for mature practice.

Ethics is both exciting and challenging from understanding our values to the application of codes of ethics and professional practice through. There are many sources of guidance for ethical thinking, decision making, and behaviours; often synergetic. What happens when they do not align?

Navigating ethics in practice is often more complex than anticipated, because pre-conceived ideas, values and morals, while useful, often prove insufficient to equip coaches to deal with the twists and turns that they face in real practice. We need to challenge our thinking about coaching dilemmas and to understand how ethics influences coaches, the clients, key stakeholders in the broader system of coaching.

This conference is an invitation to reflect, share, discuss, and debate the often complex scenarios, yet invigorating exploration of ethics in practice.

 The conference will cover a wide range of topics including the following:

  • Ethical awareness and maturity in coaching
  • Value alignment and compromise
  • Diversity – Race, gender and culture
  • Power dynamics and hegemony in coaching
  • Typical dilemmas in external and internal coaching
  • Ethical practices in coaching
  • Ethical codes and frameworks in coaching