CEF Founders

We decided to bring a group of leading academics, representatives from coaching bodies and leading coaches from across the globe to begin a conversation about how to increase ethical thinking, ethical conversations and ethical decision making in coaching.

CEF Purpose

The Coaching Ethics Forum (CEF) is an independent forum dedicated to the ethical dimensions in the field of coaching, coach supervision and education. To do this we seek to engage in discussions with the coaching community (coaches, coaching bodies, coach supervisors, coach educators, coaching researchers, HR, coaching and consulting organisations, and all who are interested in ethics). Our hope is to positively influence coaches thinking and practice across professional contexts, and the broader community it regularly engages.

Coaching Ethics Forum (CEF) 2023

Global Board of Ethics in Coaching Advisors

David LanePam McLean
Dumi MagadlelaPaul Stokes
Kristin KellyPauline Fatien
Ioanna IordanouPeter Hawkins
Ivan YongRachel Hawley
Lise LewisRobert Biswas-Diener
Jeff HullTerrence Maltbia
Jonathan Passmore Victoria Leath
Michael CavanaghEve Turner

Association for Ethics «AETHIC»

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