Zoom Software

Link to connect to Zoom: Be sure you have zoom installed.

System Requirements: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201179966-System-Requirements-for-iOS-iPadOS-and-Android.

Virtual Session Etiquette

While each speaker may have their own engagement process and specific requests of all of us; here are some broad guidelines that will enhance our ability to participate in a virtual learning environment and create a sense of engagement with fellow colleagues.

Turn on your video camera – this allows us to see one another and enjoy a sense of connectedness.

Turn off your audio (mute yourself) unless speaking – this allows everyone to fully hear those who are speaking without interference of background noises.

Be fully present, it’s tempting to multi-task while on a virtual call and it reduces your learning and a sense of connectedness; so whenever possible, practice presence.

Raise your hand.  When there is an occasion to share a thought or ask a question, it’s easiest to  use the ‘raised hand’ icon and wait for the speaker to call on you.