Aristotelian Practical Wisdom (Phronesis) as the Key to Professional Ethics

Professor Kristján Kristjánsson

Format: Presentation

This presentation is about a virtue ethical framework to professional ethics, centred around the ideal of phronesis (practical wisdom in an Aristotelian sense). It is grounded empirically in extensive research conducted at the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues into teachers and other U.K. professionals, and it is grounded theoretically in recent efforts to revive an Aristotelian concept of phronesis as excellence in ethical decision-making. After setting some of the historical background in Section 1, Section 2 charts the most relevant empirical findings. Section 3 introduces a call for phronesisas a guide to virtue-based professional ethics: its role, nature, and methods of instruction. Section 4 adds some caveats and concerns about if and how phronesis can be cultivated as part of professional training. Finally, Section 5 offers some concluding remarks about the novelty and radicality of the approach on offer in this framework. 

Professor Kristján Kristjánsson (PhD, University of St. Andrews) is Professor of Character Education and Virtue Ethics, Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, at the University of Birmingham, U.K. His interests lie in research on character and virtues at the intersection between moral philosophy, moral psychology and moral education. He has published various books on those issues, the latest ones are Friendship for Virtue(O.U.P., 2022) and Flourishing as the Aim of Education (Routledge, 2020). His previous books include Aristotelian Character Education, (Routledge, 2015) which won the SES Prize for the best Education book of 2015 in the U.K., and has since been translated into Japanese, as well as Virtues and Vices in Positive Psychology (C.U.P., 2013), which has a Korean translation. In addition to leading a number of the Jubilee Centre’s flagship projects, Kristján oversees all research activities in the Centre. As a member of various international organisations, Kristján collaborates with colleagues in Asia, Europe and the U.S.A.  on issues that relate to the cultivation of virtuous character in general and virtuous emotions in particular. Kristján is Editor of the Journal of Moral Education

Host: Ahmed El Ibyari

Ahmed El Ibyari, MSc., MCC is a coaching psychologist & executive coach, the founder of Intellect coaching school, the first school to introduce Arabic language ICF approved coach training program in the Middle East with the largest coaching community with over 2700 coaches. 
He is also the founder of Intellect Executive, Based in Dubai, UAE, providing executive coaching services and leadership development programs to different organizations in the Middle East.
Ahmed is also the chief coaching officer CCO at coach you, one of the leading coaching platforms in the Middle East based in Amman, Jordan
Ahmed holds a master degree in applied positive psychology and coaching psychology from University of East London. Ahmed also is a master certified coach MCC from the International coach federation ICF and a senior practitioner from the European coaching and Mentoring council EMCC.

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