Beyond the individual, behind the scene: A macro sociological lens on ethics in coaching

Pauline Fatien, Paul Stokes, Hany Shoukry & Rashmi Dixit
Panel discussion

Ethics in coaching is often approached through an individual psychological angle, attributing ethical issues to misconducts, which should be solved through appropriate behavioral solutions. We argue that this micro angle reduces the complexity of ethics in coaching, and especially depoliticizes the debate. The risk is to undermine the role of macro global forces (social, economic, ideological, etc.) that inherently shape coaching conversations, a neglect that might result in making coaching a domination or oppression tool. That is why this panel will engage the audience in discussions on how macro global forces shape coaching with related ethical implications. In particular, it debates 1/global narratives shaping coaching conversations; 2/the neutrality assumption in coaching and its potential revision to address global sustainable issues; 3/the economic context of coaching conversations; 4/self-governing bodies and their Western white male bias. Overall, this panel addresses ethics in coaching from a macro sociological angle.

Pauline Fatien is deeply involved in coaching research, I investigate power and ethics in the practice; in brief, I am interested in some darker sides of coaching! Please have a look at my academic articles and books! My perspectives build on my international experience as an educator and researcher in management. I graduated from HEC Paris with a Master of Science in Management, as well as a PhD in HR; I also got a Research Master in Sociology of Power (Paris University). Today I am an Associate Professor in Management at Grenoble Ecole de Management where I am a member of the Economic Peace Chair. I live in France after 8 years in California (USA) and in Colombia.

Paul Stokes an Associate Professor of Coaching & Mentoring and a Master Practitioner with the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. For the last 25 years, I have worked with many different organisations and their leadership teams on the development of their staff using a range of group and team based interventions including action learning, open space methodologies and appreciative inquiry. I am also an experienced researcher and, using action research methodologies, have developed impactful interventions within organisations on creating a coaching culture, organisational learning and organisational design.

Hany Shoukry, is a researcher and practitioner of coaching, as well as a technology leader in a leading media and telecom company. Born in Egypt, I live in the UK. My research on Coaching for Emancipation (CFE), and subsequent publications have focused on the intersection between individual and society, understanding the impact of social dynamics, and particularly social oppression on individuals, and how people can navigate the journey of liberating themselves and others from such impact. I am interested in how coaching is shaped by its social context, and how it can help reshaping society.

Rashmi Dixit has worked extensively with senior leadership teams to discuss, debate and design some of the most detailed strategies for implementing changes across the organizations. Her experience ranges from working with change makers in corporations, educational institutions and not for profit development initiatives. She was coach faculty at Leadership That Work’s, and currently serves as VP education Mastery at ICF Oregon board. She was instrumental in creating the new skills and competencies for ICF as a part of the Social justice committee for ICF Global. Rashmi has spoken on topics of Decolonisation, White Supremacy, Diversity and inclusion in several global forums. Currently she works as a partner at, an HR, OD consulting firm that uses anti-oppression lens. Her work in social change has been in areas of women empowerment, youth and tribal leadership. Rashmi initiated a social change experimental initiative called Dhruvatara to connect children to nature.

Bronze Sponsor : Grenoble Ecole de Management – Endowed Economic Peace Chair

Kristin Kelly has served the International Coaching Federation (ICF) since 2007 in numerous capacities (including marketing, membership, and leadership development) before her current position as the Assistant Director of Ethics, Policy, and Compliance. The ICF is the world’s largest membership organization, accreditation, and credentialing body for professionally trained coaches. 
She’s actively involved with ICF’s management company (Associations International), including the Recognizing Achievement and Happiness (RAH) Committee. She oversees ICF’s New Employee Onboarding Process, serves on the ICF Internal Communications Task Force, and has been a driver in the co-creation of ICF Culture and values for the staff.

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