Bringing Ethical Coaching to Life within Organisations – Challenges, Opportunities and Practicalities

Cath Brown, Dr Elouise Leonard-Cross & Kristina Henry
Format: Panel Discussion

Sharing insights from coaches, HR and OD leaders, commissioners of internal coaching frameworks and coaching training providers, this session will discuss the challenges, opportunities and practicalities of embedding coaching in a high quality, evidence-based and ethically informed way.
Specifically, the panel will consider the ethical challenges that arise at different points of the coaching process including:
~ What is the organisation’s approach to coaching?
~ What to look for when contracting externally
~ Tensions between internal and external coaching contracting 
~ How to embed coaching in a high quality, consistent and ethical way
~ Accessibility to coaching (so it is not just available to senior members of staff)

Cath Brown founded Cath Brown Consultancy (CBC) in 2006 after a successful career within organisational development and human resources within the NHS.  CBC has grown in response to demand and now operates an associate model built on our values and strong relationships. We choose to work in this way as it allows us to flex and scale to rapidly meet demands and to catalyse change most effectively within systems and organisations. We feel privileged to work with such a diverse client base and work with whole organisations, teams and individuals as coaches, supervisors and facilitators. 

Cath is an engaging and relational coach and coach supervisor who believes in working alongside individuals and teams creatively to help them reach their full potential. She offers coaching and supervision space for people to think more effectively, to step out of issues or thoughts and feelings, to deeply explore goals and aspirations, and to enable individuals hold themselves to account for their aspirations.

Dr Elouise Leonard-Cross is an Occupational Psychologist, charter marketer, and Head of People Strategy & Experience for Northumbrian Water Limited. A ‘curious collaborator’, Elouise thrives on asking and exploring the questions to help organisations be happy and healthy places to work, creating solutions to enable high performance. A Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, she is passionate about the role that People Professionals and coaches play in making organisations human and creating the conditions for innovation and growth.  An active volunteer she Chaired the North East CIPD Branch for 10 years, is Chair of the North East Common Purpose Advisory Group, Trustee Board Member for Beamish Museum, holds NED roles and is an Enterprise Advisor for the North East of England LEP.

Kristina Henry. In the spirit of full disclosure, Kristina is not a qualified coach! However, with a body of practical and applied experience in a range of industries, a consistent theme has been Kristina’s commitment and associated efforts to advancing coaching in these organisations.  This has not been without challenge and a lot of learning along the way which she’s been able to take to her subsequent organisations to build an enhanced coaching services offer.

Much of her effort as a senior learning and OD practitioner in the coaching field has been directed at engaging stakeholders and sponsors and creating and managing multi-layered coaching frameworks. Inevitably this has included the identification, recruitment, development and ongoing management and support (CPD/Supervision) of in-house coaches as well as making use of external coaching services where appropriate. Building coaching capability remains a core priority and Kristina is working with others to promote this at all levels of the organisation.

Rob Baker is a specialist in bringing positive psychology to life within organisations. He is the founder and Chief Positive Deviant of Tailored Thinking, a pioneering and award-winning, evidence-based positive psychology, wellbeing and HR consultancy.
Rob supports organisations to encourage and embed coaching behaviours and coaching conversations in their ways of working and as well as providing one-to-one and team coaching designs and delivers coaching programmes. Rob was named #8 Most Influential Thinker by HR Magazine in 2023, is a TEDX speaker, author of Personalization at Work. 

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