Coaching Ethics in a Changing World: the impact of crises, war, and artificial intelligence

Title: Coaching Ethics in a Changing World: the impact of crises, war, and artificial intelligence

Speaker: Erik de Haan 
Format: Interactive presentation with Q & A


As coaches, is it enough that we simply do ‘good work’ with our clients? Or do we now have a responsibility to consider the broader global ethics of our work and take a stand? In other words, what does ‘being a coach’ mean in the world today?
In our increasingly polarised world, ethical dilemmas and questions are coming to the fore. In the many crises of our time, where do our responsibilities lie? What is sustainably good leadership? Is there such a thing as a ‘just’ war, and how can we fight such a war or campaign ethically? 
As ethical and existential questions evolve around us and especially within us, one dilemma for coach practitioners is provided by the possibility of a retreat into simply ‘doing good work’. Following one’s ethical guidance, delivering to good standards, being professional and accountable – is that not enough? Must we now also think about the state of our industry or the future of our planet? Is this not too much when we are already using all our resources to fulfil a contract and work well within it?
This keynote unashamedly explores these broader ethics, looking at bigger questions beyond the narrow confines of our profession, looking at truth, candour, AI, and the reverberations of conflict and oppression in the coaching room.

Erik de Haan MSc, MA, PhD, is Director of Ashridge’s Centre for Coaching at Hult International Business School and Professor of Organisation Development at the VU University Amsterdam. He joined Ashridge in 2002 and works as an OD Consultant, Executive (Team) Coach, Supervisor, and Psychotherapist. His coaching approach is informed by his psychodynamic psychotherapy, group analysis, and counselling training. He specialises in working with the organisational unconscious and in helping to surface hidden aspects of the person, company or team. He has (co)written 16 books and well over 200 professional and research articles.

Host: Franda Graves

Franda is a Certified Executive Coach, Certified Recovery Coach and Certified Mentor Coach.  Prior to transitioning to a full-time coaching career, Franda spent 32 years serving as a Healthcare Professional – Cardiopulmonary Specialist.  She was raised in North Carolina, USA and relocated to the Middle East in 2007, first in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and she now resides in Dubai, UAE.  Franda has a true passion for ethics and has served on several Ethics boards during her career, both in healthcare and in coaching.  She considers herself an “ethics nerd”. Her goal is to provide educational opportunities focusing on DEIJ and ethics across cultures. On a more personal note, Franda has two adult sons, five grandperfects and one great grandperfect.   She lives with her two furperfects, Zeus and Bella, both Chihauhaus. She enjoys reading, writing, and creating beautiful mandalas that she shares with her family and friends.

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