Coaching Ethics in the Latin American Context 

Eva Hirsch Pontes, João Luiz Pasqual and Silvina Spiegel
Panel Discussion
from all corners of Latin and South America

Abstract: “Coaching Ethics in the Latin American Context” aims to create space for discussion of what is currently happening in the Coaching industry within Latin America and the Caribbean region, which comprises 33 countries, at least 4 different languages and a relevant cultural diversity, that brings complexity when dealing with the interpretation of ethical standards.
The discussion will be based on general ethics concept in coaching, considering that when a coach joins a professional coaching body, they agree to enter a community of practice with mutual obligations towards its members and overall professional/activities.

The panellists will discuss :
·      Educating contractors of coaching services who often request ethically inappropriate solutions;
·      Misleading advertisements related to programs not accredited by a coaching body;
·      General ethic challenges and conflicts.

Eva Hirsch Pontes is an Executive Coach, Trainer and Facilitator, Coach Mentor and Supervisor and Conflict Mediator. Eva currently alternates her residence between Berlin and her hometown, Rio de Janeiro. Eva holds a Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential from ICF – International Coaching Federation, as well as the ESIA Coach Supervisor Accreditation from the EMCC – European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Eva has been actively involved in volunteer activities for ICF: she integrated the first Board of ICF/Chapter Brazil, and currently holds a seat in the Advisory Board of that Chapter. Eva has also served as a member of the Ethics Committee of ICF/Chapter Brazil.

João Luiz Pasqua has been an Executive Coach since 2006. Member of ICF – International Coaching Federation, holds a Certification at MCC (Master Certified Coach) level, he is also a Certified Administration Counsellor affiliated to the Brazilian Corporate Governance Institute – IBGC. Was elected in 2015 as ICF President in Brazil for three years period (2016/2018) currently presides the Advisory Board at ICF Brazil Chapter, he also serves the Independent Review Board as the Vice Chair of Development at ICF Global and is one of the Co-leaders for the Coaching Education Community. João Luiz is Mentor Coach Certified by InviteChange in USA, Accredited Coach Supervisor at CSA-Coaching Supervision Academy in London, holds a Diploma in Organizational Psychology from INSEAD – Fontainebleau, France – and a master’s degree in Consulting and Coaching for Change from INSEAD. MBA, University of São Paulo – FIA – São Paulo – Brazil.

Silvina Spiegel is a Multi-Cultural Executive Coach, Supervisor-Mentor coach and Coach Trainer. Coaching experience in Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and English. Current representative from Latin America for the Regional Coordination Team NALAC – ICF Professional Coaches, working towards the DEIJ&B of the Region. Brazilian representative since 2020 for the Latin America Forum, responsible for the inclusion of Portuguese translation in every event. Former ICF Brazil Chapter Vice President. Founder, director and former VP of the Rio de Janeiro sub-unit. Professional Certified Coach by International Coaching Federation since 2015.

Dr Dumisani Magadlela is an executive coach, team coach, coach trainer, leadership development facilitator, organizational ‘people whisperer’, and Ubuntu skills development practitioner. He is based Johannesburg, South Africa, and works globally. Dumi serves on the Board of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Foundation as a Trustee. He co-founded the Ubuntu Coaching Foundation (UCF) at The Coaching Centre (TCC) in South Africa. Dumi has been part of Senior Faculty at The Coaching Centre for over twelve (12) years, delivering a module on “Coaching in the African Context”. Dumi is part-time faculty at the University of Stellenbosch Business School’s MPhil in Management Coaching programme, where he teaches a module on “Ubuntu Team Coaching”. Dumi currently works as part of the international faculty at the WBECS’ Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI), co-designing team coaching programmes and facilitating team-coaching labs. He is accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) as a Senior Practitioner in Team Coaching. Dumi lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, and works globally. Dumi’s work is informed by systems thinking, gestalt, emotional intelligence, Ubuntu and integral approaches, among others. Dumi is a regularly featured speaker on coaching, leadership, and people development.

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