Cyber Citizenship: Navigating the Digital Landscape in Coaching

Speakers: Jacinta Jimenez & Jeffrey Hancock

Title: Cyber Citizenship: Navigating the Digital Landscape in Coaching


The coaching industry is evolving towards unprecedented access, scale, and globalization. The rise of digital coaching can be a massive enabler, but also requires adaptation of traditional coaching models. One critical adaptation comes from a construct new to coaching–Cyber Citizenship (Singer, Fisk & Anderson, 2021).  In this eye-opening talk, attendees will embark on a journey to explore the critical aspects of responsible and ethical online behavior via three foundational pillars–digital literacy, global civics, and cybersecurity. This interactive fireside chat discussion between Jeff Hancock, PhD founding director of the Stanford Social Media Lab and Professor in the Department of Communication at Stanford University and Jacinta M. Jiménez, PsyD, BCC, Vice President of Coaching Innovation at BetterUp, will include stories, data, and practical application to bring this important and timely topic to life. This session will empower coaches to navigate the digital landscape with integrity, gain awareness of the threats and opportunities, and ultimately, foster a safe and effective digital coaching environment for all. 

Jacinta M. Jiménez, PsyD, BCC (also known as “Dr. J”) is an award-winning author, psychologist, and board-certified leadership Coach with a 20+ year career dedicated to the betterment of individuals, leaders, and organizations. 

Her work is focused around synthesizing her deep knowledge of human behavior and applying it to the development of technology, innovative coaching programs, and leaders. From this work, Dr. Jiménez has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Women Leaders in San Francisco for 2022 List by Women We Admire. She has also been recognized by LA Weekly Magazine as a top coach to follow. 

Her book, The Burnout Fix (McGraw Hill, 2021) has been recognized by Business Insider as a top book to read about burnout, was the winner in getAbstract’s prestigious 2021 International Book of the Year Reader’s Choice Award, and was named a Best Book on Burnout & Recovery for 2022 by Choosing Therapy. 

As the Vice President of Coach Innovation at BetterUp, Dr. Jiménez drives the development of groundbreaking technology-enabled science-backed coaching approaches for helping today’s top organizations foster resilience and mental flourishing at work.

Along with being a Fellow at the American Institute of Stress, Dr. Jiménez holds a certificate in Diversity & Inclusion from Cornell University. She is also on the leadership team of WELL (Women Entrepreneurs & leaders laboratory) for digital health.

She earned a B.A. Psychology from Stanford University, an MS and PsyD in Clinical Psychology from the PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium, all with top academic distinction.

Jeff Hancock is founding director of the Stanford Social Media Lab and is a Professor in the Department of Communication at Stanford University. Professor Hancock and his group work on understanding psychological and interpersonal processes in social media. The team specializes in using computational linguistics and experiments to understand how the words we use can reveal psychological and social dynamics, such as deception and trust, emotional dynamics, intimacy and relationships, and social support. Recently Professor Hancock has begun work on understanding the mental models people have about algorithms in social media, as well as working on the ethical issues associated with computational social science.

Professor Hancock is well-known for his research on how people use deception with technology, from sending texts and emails to detecting fake online reviews. His TED Talk on deception has been seen over 1 million times and he’s been featured as a guest on “CBS This Morning” for his expertise on social media. His research has been published in over 80 journal articles and conference proceedings and has been supported by funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Defense. His work on lying and technology has been frequently featured in the popular press, including the New York Times, CNN, NPR, CBS and the BBC.

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Host: Dr. Ashley Yousufzai

Dr. Ashley Yousufzai is the Director of Coach Ethics, Development and Partnerships at BetterUp, where she works to advance the science and practice of evidence-based coaching and behavior transformation in the workplace. Ashley is trained as an industrial-organizational psychologist, with deep expertise in coaching, organizational culture and transformation and has been the architect behind numerous change initiatives that align people and talent strategies to organizational priorities. Through her consulting and advising experience, Ashley discovered the transformative power of coaching and joined BetterUp shortly after completing her coach training. Ashley is passionate about ethical coaching and exploring ways to leverage the power of technology to enhance the coach experience. 

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