Developing Ethical Maturity through Supervision

Pam McLean & Peter Hawkins 
Format: Presentation


This session will focus on the role supervision can play in fostering ethical maturity of the supervisees while also continuing to cultivate one’s own as a supervisor. We will launch the session by examining the multiple layers of ethical maturity along with the nested systems where ethical issues may arise.  We’ll include some of the relevant research along with some common ethical challenges and create plenty of time for conversation.

Pam McLean Pamela McLean, PhD, Co-Founder of The Hudson Institute of Coaching, brings more than four decades of experience as a clinical psychologist, master coach, coach supervisor, and contributor in the field of leadership coaching. McLean has authored several books in the field of coaching including The Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching (2012), a comprehensive examination of the essential elements in coaching; Self as Coach, Self as Leader, (2019) exploring the dimensions of the internal landscape that support one’s conscious use of self in coaching and in leadership. She also authored LifeForward: Charting the Journey Ahead, focused on intentionally charting a course through the chapters and transitions in one’s life.

Peter Hawkins, Emeritus Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School, Chairman of Renewal Associates and co-dean of the Global Team Coaching Institute, is a leading consultant, coach, writer and researcher in organizational strategy, leadership, culture change, team and board development and coaching.  He has worked with many leading organizations all over the world coaching executive teams and boards and facilitating major change and organizational transformation projects. He has coached over 100 boards and senior executive teams, enabling them to develop their purpose, vision, values, collective leadership and strategy for the future, in a wide range of international, large and small commercial companies, government departments, UK health services organizations, professional services organizations and charities.

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Eve Turner
is an award-winning coach, supervisor and writer who is a leading contributor to industry research and actively engaged in pro bono work. Chair of the leading professional body, APECS (The Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision), she founded and leads the Global Supervisors’ Network and is co-founder of the Climate Coaching Alliance. Eve‘s writing includes two co-authored publications including one with Peter Hawkins (2020), “Systemic Coaching – delivering value beyond the individual.” She is currently working on two books, the Ethics Handbook associated with this conference and one with several co-authors on coaching and the ecological crisis. Eve’s a Fellow at two universities – The University of Southampton and Henley Business School.

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