Discussion Group 3
Facilitators: Ashley Yousufzai & Lise Lewis

Dr. Ashley Yousufzai is the Director of Coach Ethics, Development and Partnerships at BetterUp, where she works to advance the science and practice of evidence-based coaching and behavior transformation in the workplace. Ashley is trained as an industrial-organizational psychologist, with deep expertise in coaching, organizational culture and transformation and has been the architect behind numerous change initiatives that align people and talent strategies to organizational priorities. Through her consulting and advising experience, Ashley discovered the transformative power of coaching and joined BetterUp shortly after completing her coach training. Ashley is passionate about ethical coaching and exploring ways to leverage the power of technology to enhance the coach experience. 

Lise Lewis D.Prof MBA CFCIPD EMCC accredited coach | mentor supervisor and master coach | mentor. Founder of Bluesky International providing accredited coach | mentor and coach supervisor training. Practising Executive Coach and Supervisor for independent and in-house practitioners. Immediate Past President of EMCC Global and currently Special Ambassador. Honorary Member of APECS and AOCS.

Lise’s immersion in a doctoral study of human behaviour culminated in authoring Relational Feedback: Why Feedback Fails and How to Make it More Meaningful 2020. Global keynote speaker and webinar contributor: AI, Cultural Diversity, Ethics, EQ/SQ, Trends in Coaching and Supervision, Leadership Tomorrow, Relational Feedback. Contributor to Coaching Supervision Advancing Practice, Changing Landscapes. Volunteer with EMCC Global 20+ years initiating and contributing to professional standards in coaching, mentoring and supervision.

Building on a human resources senior management career, Lise’s private| public sector work focuses on Relational Leadership. Assignments help leaders and teams to sharpen existing people skills that sustain a high level of interpersonal intelligence. Team relationships improve and consequently team effectiveness is responsive to the rapid pace and changing world of work. Training focuses on creating organisational coaching facilities.

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