Ethical Dilemmas in Coaching Today

Maria Biquet
Presentation and Case Studies

The session will consist of the presentation of the results of the survey “Ethical Dilemmas in Coaching Today” that was implemented between January – March 2020 with the support of EMCC Global and a discussion that will follow.
The objective of this session is to present the findings on:
a)     the categories of ethical dilemmas of professional coaches in their practice today,
b)     the situations that cause them,
c)     the way that professional coaches handle them,
d)     the types of dilemmas depending on years of coaching experience and other findings that may lead the professional organisations to new approaches in Continuous Development Programmes and professional frameworks.

Maria Biquet is an experienced Business Consultant and Executive Coach with vast experience from diverse business fields. She works with senior executives from different countries.
Maria holds an MBA-International Marketing from Sunderland University – UK, a BA in Literature and Linguistics from the University of Athens – GR and a Diploma in Coaching from the Coaching Institute
– UK, and has an advanced certification as neuro-coach by NeuroBusinessGroup in the USA and a Certified Master Coach by the CAC (Centre for Advanced Coaching) in the USA.
EMCC Accredited Senior Practitioner Coach, VP Marketing Communications of EMCC Greece and Senior Researcher on Ethics in EMCC Global since 2018.

Dr Lise Lewis EIA Master Coach ESIA Coach Supervisor has a rich history as an EMCC volunteer contributing to developing professional standards for Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision and as EMCC Global Past President (2011-2017) and currently EMCC Global Special Ambassador. A strong focus on ethical practice has featured both in this work and also as an independent practitioner. Lise is owner of Bluesky International founded in 2000 virtually delivering EMCC accredited EQA|EIA Coaching | Mentoring and ESQA|ESIA Coach Supervision training.
Loving life and work includes time with family and friends and keeping fit with yoga| pilates, cycling and walking Charlie the family dog.

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