Inga Bielińska, Michel Moral, Eva Hirsch Pontes & Lily Seto

Inga Bielińska, Michel Moral, Eva Hirsch Pontes & Lily Seto
Format: Presentation and Discussion


Inga Bielińska is a Master Certified Coach, team coach certified by both ICF (ACTC) and EMCC (ITCA), and a business trainer. In addition to that, she serves as an ICF mentor coach and ESIA EMCC coach supervisor. She specializes in supporting individuals and organizations globally, particularly those dealing with remote and culturally diverse teams or communication challenges. As a team coach, Inga helps teams overcome barriers, navigate processes, resolve conflicts, and develop a clear mission and vision. In addition to her coaching work, Inga regularly writes for US editions of Forbes and Newsweek. She has also published two books in Polish for leaders, one of which was shortlisted for a major Polish business magazine’s book award.

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Eva Hirsch Pontes is an Executive Coach, Trainer and Facilitator, Coach Mentor and Supervisor and Conflict Mediator. Eva currently alternates her residence between Berlin and her hometown, Rio de Janeiro. Eva holds a Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential from ICF – International Coaching Federation, as well as the ESIA Coach Supervisor Accreditation from the EMCC – European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Eva has been actively involved in volunteer activities for ICF: she integrated the first Board of ICF/Chapter Brazil, and currently holds a seat in the Advisory Board of that Chapter. Eva has also served as a member of the Ethics Committee of ICF/Chapter Brazil.

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Host: Alex Jack

Alex Jack is a coach, consultant, speaker, mentor, and facilitator. He uses a combination of applied positive psychology, other science-based applications, and effective communication fundamentals to help shift behavioural patterns by focussing on mindsets and beliefs, rather than processes and systems.

With a primary focus on interpersonal communication and transformational leadership growth, he helps people of a quieter nature navigate their work environments without having to be loud or feel inauthentic, as well as help raise awareness within organizations on more effective ways to include their quiet and neurodivergent stakeholders and employees.

Certifications include DE&I in the Workplace (University of South Florida), Conflict Dynamics Profile (Eckerd College), and Systemic Coaching for Work Resilience (Working with Resilience [KHB1] consortium).

10+ years of coaching covering organizations in FinTech, tech, banking and legal industries in six continents.

Alex believes it’s possible to be visible, influential, and impactful without feeling like you’re faking it.

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