Jim Knight

Speakers: Jim Knight

Title: Integrity and Ethics when Coaching in Educational Settings

Format: Interactive Conversation



Jim Knight, Founder and Senior Partner of Instructional Coaching Group (ICG), is also a research associate at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning. He has spent more than two decades studying professional learning and instructional coaching. Jim earned his PhD in Education from the University of Kansas and has won several university teaching, innovation, and service awards. 

The pioneering work Jim and his colleagues have conducted has led to many innovations that are now central to professional development in schools. Jim wrote the first major article about instructional coaching for the Journal of Staff Development, and his book Instructional Coaching (2007) offered the first extended description
 of instructional coaching. Jim’s book Focus on Teaching (2014) was the first extended description of how video should be used for professional learning. Recently, writing with Ann Hoffman, Michelle Harris, and Sharon Thomas, Jim introduced the idea of instructional playbooks with their book on that topic. 

Host: Pete Berridge MAPP, PCC, CEO & Co-founder of Change Positive, LLC

Peter Berridge is an accomplished coach, facilitator, and author who utilizes the sciences of Positive Psychology and executive coaching to help leaders, teams, and organizations be more engaged and effective. Pete became a certified coach through the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara and is faculty with the Center for Coaching Organizations. He holds a Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) degree from the University of Pennsylvania. It is with this training that the Shift Positive 360® was born. Pete was determined to bring the benefits of Positive Psychology into the feedback process, which led him to co-create Change Positive, LLC. Pete has 25+ years of coaching, facilitation, and Human Resources leadership experience. He’s excited to bring the Shift Positive® Method to the world as co-author of the #1 New Release Feedback Reimagined,endorsed by Shawn Achor and Marshall Goldsmith.

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