Haesun Moon & Charline Russo

Speakers: Haesun Moon & Charline S. Russo

Title: Navigating the Moral Compass: Unveiling Ethical Dimensions in Coach Education

Format: Interactive Conversation


In this highly interactive session, Haesun and Charline examine ethical dimensions in coach education in institutions with an emphasis on assessment in learning – assessment of learning, assessment for learning and assessment as learning. What are the tensions and challenges coach educators face with learners, colleagues, and administration when coach educators assess and evaluate? What does evidence-based practice say about these practices? Haesun and Charline invite the audience to examine the efficacy of their own practice as coach educators and practitioners and share their experiences navigating the moral compass.

Haesun Moon Ph.D., is a communication scientist, an educator, and author of Coaching A to Z: The Extraordinary Use of Ordinary Words and several collaborative books, including Thriving Women, Thriving World, and Foundations of Brief Coaching, a short handbook for professional coaches. Haesun received her Ph.D. in Adult Education and Community Development from University of Toronto. She believes that conversations can change the world, and she defines this process as hosting dialogic conditions in which people participate to imagineer and perform their preferred change. Her academic and professional research in coaching dialogues and pedagogy from the University of Toronto led to development of a simple coaching model, Dialogic Orientation Quadrant (DOQ). Haesun currently teaches Brief Coaching at the University of Toronto and serves as Executive Director at the Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching. You can visit her online at www.briefcoaching.ca and www.coachingatoz.com

Dr. Charline S. Russo is a member of the University of Pennsylvania Organizational Dynamics Coaching and Consulting faculty. She was awarded the 2018 University Award for Distinguished Teaching in Professional Graduate Programs. She is VP and Board member of the Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching (GSAEC) that focuses on strengthening and promoting graduate-level coach education and research globally.
She has held executive positions in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies building Global Learning Centers of Excellence for R&D.
Charline founded CampoMarzio Group, a consulting firm that fosters trusted, collaborative relationships with organizations and leaders to create, drive, and sustain major transformations through tailored consulting and coaching services.
Charline received her BA in History and Psychology and MBA from Rutgers University and her MA and EdD in Organizational Leadership from Columbia University. Her publications include coaching case studies and Cohort Programming and Learning for Adults: Improving Educational Experiences for Adult Learners, co-authored with I.M. Saltiel.

Host: Inga Bielinska

Inga Bielinska is a Master Certified Coach, team coach certified by both ICF (ACTC) and EMCC (ITCA), and a business trainer. In addition to that, she serves as an ICF mentor coach and ESIA EMCC coach supervisor. She specializes in supporting individuals and organizations globally, particularly those dealing with remote and culturally diverse teams or communication challenges. As a team coach, Inga helps teams overcome barriers, navigate processes, resolve conflicts, and develop a clear mission and vision. In addition to her coaching work, Inga regularly writes for US editions of Forbes and Newsweek. She has also published two books in Polish for leaders, one of which was shortlisted for a major Polish business magazine’s book award.

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