Three approaches to coaching ethics

Tatiana Krawczynska-Zaucha
Presentation and case studies

Abstract: The session aims to present three approaches to ethics in coaching as different but complementary paths to the maturity of a professional coach. Each of these paths mirrors the ethical sensitivity level and the integration of the coach’s own internal ethics. The result of understanding and integration are behaviors resulting from one approach to coaching ethics. The presenter will combine both spaces of ethics in coaching – theoretical and practical. After the presentation, the audience will be invited to discuss the raised aspects. 

Tatiana Krawczynska-Zaucha Dr Tatiana Krawczyńska-Zaucha is a global Executive and Leadership MCC coach, mentor coach, assessor, author, business trainer and well-known academic lecturer. She is professionally involved in both ethics and coaching. The theses of her doctoral dissertation concerned coaching ethics. For 18 years, she has worked with teams, executives and leaders to enable them to develop a global mindset and strengthen key competencies essential for leadership in a complex marketplace. She was a member of the ICF Code of Ethics Review Team for the last year and is now part of the ICF Ethics Education Team and she co-authored a course on coaching ethics, which was attended by over 15,000 people from all over the world. Tatiana is the author of many publications including the book Ethics in coaching: Sources of effective management (2019).

Paul Stokes is an associate Professor of Coaching & Mentoring and a Master Practitioner with the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. For the last 25 years, I have worked with many different organisations and their leadership teams on the development of their staff using a range of group and team based interventions including action learning, open space methodologies and appreciative inquiry. I am also an experienced researcher and, using action research methodologies, have developed impactful interventions within organisations on creating a coaching culture, organisational learning and organisational design.

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