Dr Rachel Hawley is a researcher, storyteller and relational coach who is passionate about cultivating collaborative relationships in healthcare. She was awarded Doctor in Professional Studies for a piece of research undertaken at Sheffield Hallam University (England) on ‘Relational Leadership in the NHS: how healthcare leaders identify with public engagement’ (2021).

With a professional background in nursing, she was humbled to be a Nursing Times 2022 Awards for Nurse of the Year finalist. She is co-author of the award winning guide to exploring values and ethics, ‘Values and Ethics in Coaching’, awarded ‘Coaching Book of the Year’ 2017. Her curiosity and commitment for coaching ethics has led her to write extensively including several book chapters and articles exploring aspects of coaching ethics through multiple lenses. 

Wendy-Ann Smith, is a coaching psychologist, researcher and educator. She is the Director at her coaching boutique Eclorev, co-founder of the Coaching Ethics Forum, President of the Association for Ethics in Coaching « AETHIC », Founder and Executive Editor of the Journal of Coaching Ethics, Found and Executive Editor of the magazine Ethical Edge Insights in coaching, mentoring & leadership, Co-Founder of Global Coaching & Supervision Quality Committee, Visiting Fellow, Centre for Positive Psychology, Buckinghamshire New University, UK and Ethics group discussion lead at the Institute of Coaching. Wendy-Ann has been recognised as one of the top 15 coaches in Paris, France. Her recent research has looked at how coaches understand their development with a number of publications arising from this work. Her recent edited publications are Positive Psychology Coaching in the Workplace (2021) and The Ethical Coaches’ Handbook: A Guide to Developing Ethical Maturity in Practice (2023), and Ethical Case Studies for coach development and practice: A Coach’s Companion (2023) she has also authored chapters on various topics within coaching psychology, positive psychology and ethics. Wendy-Ann regularly coaches a small number of one-to-one clients. She designs and delivers lectures, trainings and workshops internationally in a variety of settings including universities. Her interest is supporting the development of coaches through coaching psychology, positive psychology, and increasing ethical awareness and practice. She has created and delivered Nourishing Coaches, Wellbeing for sustainable practices virtual reflection groups.

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