Rosie Evans-Krimme

Title: Where do I draw the line? Ethical considerations when coaching for mental health and wellbeing.

Speaker: Rosie Evans-Krimme
Format: Presentation and Discussion

Coaching is becoming a popular tool for the promotion and protection of mental health and wellbeing, despite mental health challenges in clients being more frequent than untrained and ill-informed coaches may believe. This might pose a serious risk of mental illness such as suicide for some clients. As a result, coaching practitioners need to be aware of these challenges within clients and know how to appropriately respond. By applying these ethical principles of coaching practitioners for mental health into their practice, coaching practitioners can enhance client welfare, navigate the boundaries between coaching, psychotherapy, therapy and counselling, and explore where they fall on the continuum of coaching for mental health and wellbeing. This session will discuss the importance of a network around the practitioner, such as supervision. Rosie will introduce some tools that can help both individual and collective reflection around clients’ mental health and the appropriate course of action that includes a systemic-biopsychosocial perspective and evidence-based approach.

Rosie Evans-Krimme works as a coach and behavioural scientist, specialising in digital coaching. She first studied psychology and undertook her Masters in Mental Health at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s College London. Following an observation to improve proactive and preventative approaches to mental health and well-being, she certified as a mindfulness and coach practitioner, gaining experience in applying these approaches in organisations. It became clear that one way to increase the accessibility and impact of evidence-based approaches such as coaching was by leveraging recent technological advancements. As a result, Rosie joined the leading digital coaching provider, CoachHub, where she now leads the global Innovation Lab and Behavioural Science team. Her team consults enterprise organisations on how to effectively design, implement and evaluate digital coaching programmes and contributes towards product innovation. Rosie regularly writes and speaks about coaching ethics, mental health and well-being, and the evolution and future of the coaching industry.

Kristin Kelly has served the International Coaching Federation (ICF) since 2007 in numerous capacities (including marketing, membership, and leadership development) before her current position as the Assistant Director of Ethics, Policy, and Compliance. The ICF is the world’s largest membership organization, accreditation, and credentialing body for professionally trained coaches. 
She’s actively involved with ICF’s management company (Associations International), including the Recognizing Achievement and Happiness (RAH) Committee. She oversees ICF’s New Employee Onboarding Process, serves on the ICF Internal Communications Task Force, and has been a driver in the co-creation of ICF Culture and values for the staff.

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